Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have been such a procastinator when it comes to my blog.  And for that I am very sorry.  
Between work, basketball season, and life.  I have been very busy.
BUT! if you are on facebook, you already know about him.
It's been made facebook it's blog official! :)

This is....well...this is my amazing boyfriend =)

Daniel Counterman and I met last year at Grace Baptist College. We became fast friends and study buddies.
When I returned home from college, we began texting as friends, then slowly over time the texting turned to phone calls, and the phone calls became more frequent.  Soon, even though we live four hours away from each other,  he began to make Saturday trips to spend the day with my family and I. Then we discovered the invention called Skype, and it became much easier to talk.
If you weren't able to tell by now, Daniel and I went from being best friends to somewhat of a couple.  Although it wasn't official quite yet.

Then came Christmas Eve....Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and Daniel knows that.  
Christmas Eve I was scheduled to work (go Subway ;))  and then the family was planning on attending our church's Christmas Eve program.  
Well, after coming home from a few hours at work, I got ready for church as normal.  
Once I came downstairs, mom announced that she would be unable to go that night, so she asked me to stay home with her.  This way I could relax, and also help her get dinner going for the family.  
Little did I know that almost half an hour later, would Daniel show up at my front porch.
After talking for a little while between Daniel, Mom and I.  Mom "disappeared" to the bedroom to "wrap" stocking stuffers.  During this time, Daniel and I exchanged our pre-Christmas presents (I'll get to that later) I got him a few fun little things, like cologne and stuff.  What did this incredible guy get me?  Umm...the best thing I could have ever even asked for.  
I won't give exact details on how...but let's just say that he is quite talented and extremely sweet.
So, on December 24, 2012, Daniel asked me to court him. 
And, well, you know I said yes :)
A few weeks ago I spent an entire five days with him and his family, and I am an extremely lucky, spoiled and blessed girl.  

Here's a few pictures of us....

My surprise when I walked into my hotel room...

Yummy ice Hobby Lobby

 Fishy Face! =)

Candlelight....fake....but awesome =)
Daniel =)
 Fancy dinner....
 Our Bibles....
 Cheap Mexican date....Taco Bell (our favorite)

 My favorite picture....

We're courting, not dating. 
"So what is courtship?  Basically it's  a really good idea...and not as strange as you might first think.  It's dating with a purpose.  It's romance chaperoned by wisdom.  It's a way of approaching relationships that can help us live out the truths of God's Word as we pursue our heart's desire.  It's a story of boy meets girl, where--whether you choose to marry or not--you can get to know each other in the confidence that you have only God's very best ahead for each of you."

See you soon!  
~Sara Rose <3

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  1. Hey, you don't know me, but our parents went to school together, so they say...��
    Since I'm a younger teenager, it's great to see older girls like you who are looking for their life partner the way God feels they should, not chasing after every other guy who comes along. You're being an amazing example! ��